Boarding Your Pet

Are you going out of town and need someone to care for you pets? Are you having house work done and need them out of the house? Do you work long hours and need a doggie daycare? We can help.
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Reservations are required for boarding your pet. To make a reservation, please fill out this form, or call our office.

We have 2 boarding facilities on our premises, one for dogs and one for cats. Both are indoors and air conditioned. Pets may be dropped off and picked up anytime during normal business hours. We do request that you plan on spending about 10 minutes here when picking up or dropping off your pet. Vaccines are required to be current for both dogs and cats in order to board. If you get your vaccines elsewhere please bring in your records for verification. If proof is not provided or your pet needs its vaccines while it is here, we can make arrangements to have our doctor update them. If your pet requires vaccinations to be updated, you may want to review our pricing information here.

How are dogs cared for?
Dogs are fed dry adult dog food and walked 3 times daily on the days of the week that the clinic is opened, and 2 times per day on the days we are closed (Sundays and all major holidays). Bedding is changed out and laundered as needed (usually once daily). The cage size needed for your pet will be determined by size and weight at your reservation time.

Why do puppies cost more?
Puppies typically require extra care since they are full of energy. This energy also leads to more messes that need cleaned up, especially if they are not potty trained.

How are cats cared for?
Cats are fed dry adult cat food and are cleaned twice daily 7 days per week.

What do you provide?
Your pet will be fully furnished with food and water bowls, our kennel food, water, blankets and bedding that are laundered each day, leashes for walking, cat litter, litter pans, and cleaning supplies.

What should I bring?
If your pet needs a special diet, puppy or kitten food, or canned food, please bring your own. If your pet is on medication please bring all medications in their original containers. Please make sure to tell us when the next doses are due.

Anything else you want to bring is ok, but please DO NOT bring anything very important to you as it may get lost or damaged during cleaning and laundering. We are constantly washing bedding and your items will get mixed in with others. We have plenty of bedding including towels, blankets, and comforters and your pet will not be without a nice, soft bed. Toys can become lost during cleaning of kennels, so please don’t bring your pet’s favorite one! If you would like your pet to get special treats, please bring them. Anything you do bring, please label with your pets name.

Will you bathe my pet before he goes home?
If your dog stays with us for 2 or more nights we will give him a free bath before going home (sorry we do not bathe or groom cats). This bath is free of charge but is not required. If your pet does not get a bath for any reason (you pick up before it is done, you don’t want it, etc) you will not receive a discount on your boarding fees. The free bath is a bath only and does not include any additional services like ear cleanings, nail trims, etc. If you would like other grooming services while your pet is here we can make your pet an appointment with our groomer, before your scheduled pick up. Grooming and hair cuts are priced by breed or size. Please call for more info, or visit our grooming page.